Grill Plate Set Üstü 600 Seri Oluklu Elektrikli 40x60x26)


Grill Plate Set Üstü 600 Seri Oluklu Elektrikli 40x60x26

  • Stainless steel top.
  • Joint bar for easy attachment with other appliances
  • 2 different installation options; fixed on closed, fixed on suspended systems.
  • Special designed gap behind the equipment for gas,electrical and water installation materials.
  • Gas appliances supplied for use with natural or LPG gas, conversion jets supplied as standard.
  • All major components are located at the front for easy maintenance.
  • Joining system gives posibillity to modify or substitute the appliances even long after they have been installed.
  • All stainless steel construction designed to avoid any infiltration.
  • Top, sides, back, front panels and control consoles in stainless steel with satin scotchbrite finish.
  • Top modules are equipped with 20 mm adjustable feets.
  • Stainless steel high splash guards on the rear and sides of cooking surface for operational comfort
  • Large drain hole on cooking surface for ease of operation and cleaning.
  • “Fully ribbed cooking surface” 8 mm thick mild steel plate contained in a watertight recess for more efficient cooking
  • Large fat collection drawer with a capacity of 1 liter for uninterrupted cooking
  • Thermostatic temperature control between 50-300 °C
  • Heating elements positioned under the cooking plate ensures even heat distribution and rapid heat up
Ürün Kodu 7864.N1.40603.01
Model Numarası OGE 4060 N
Ürün Tipi gas
En (mm) 400.0
Boy (mm) 600.0
Yükseklik (mm) 240.0
Net Ağırlık (kg) 22,7
Brüt Ağırlık (kg) 25
Paket Eni (mm) 480
Paket Boyu (mm) 680.0
Paket Yüksekliği (mm) 400.0
Elektrik Gücü 3
Elektrik Volt 230 V / NPE
Elektrik Frekansı 50/60
Tank Isıtıcı Gücü

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